Caja de velas personalizada

  • Leather Candle Box
    Leather Candle Box
  • Flip Cover Candle Box
    Flip Cover Candle Box
  • Lid and Base Candle Box
    Lid and Base Candle Box
  • Drawer Cylinder Candle Box
    Drawer Cylinder Candle Box
  • Gold Hot Stamping Candle Box
    Gold Hot Stamping Candle Box
  • Pink Candle Box
    Pink Candle Box
  • Textured Paper Candle Box
    Textured Paper Candle Box

Candle Box Printing process

We have a variety of printing processes to meet customers' needs for different paper materials and printing

  • Gold Stamping1
    Gold Stamping1
  • Silver Stamping1
    Silver Stamping1
  • Spot UV1
    Spot UV1
  • Gloss Lamination1
    Gloss Lamination1
  • Matte Lamination1
    Matte Lamination1
  • Flocking1
  • Embossing1
  • Glitter1
CMYK Color

   When we prepare a client's image for printing, we typically convert it to CMYK color mode. This is because the colors used in the printing process are created by mixing four ink colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black), rather than the RGB(Red, Green, Blue) color model used when displaying images on a screen.

The role of each CMYK color channel:

Cyan: Controls the amount of blue and green.

Magenta: Controls the amount of red and blue.

Yellow: Controls the amount of red and green.

Black: Add black ink to enhance depth and contrast in images and reduce printing costs.

  The CMYK color mode is very important in printing because it ensures that the designed image will appear accurately when printed without color distortion or inconsistency. Therefore, before printing, designers usually adjust the image to CMYK mode and calibrate and optimize the color to ensure the quality and accuracy of the final print.

Pantone Color

   Pantone Color is an international color standard system for color standardization and matching. This system was created by the American Pantone Inc. and is widely used in various industries such as design, printing, textiles, and plastics.

   The Pantone Color System includes thousands of colors and assigns each color a unique code, usually represented by a combination of letters and numbers, such as "PMS 185C". These codes allow designers, printers and manufacturers to accurately specify desired colors and ensure consistency across different devices and materials.

   The Pantone color system not only provides standard color references, but also includes various color-related tools and guides, such as color cards, color matching guides, etc., to help users select, match and use colors more easily. These tools include color standards in different fields, such as printing, textiles, plastics, etc., meeting the needs of different industries and applications.

   Due to the popularity and standardization of the Pantone color system, it has become one of the most commonly used color reference systems in the design field and is widely used in brand design, packaging design, graphic design and other aspects.



    In fact, we usually use candles for aromatherapy and creating a romantic atmosphere, while the main function of candle packaging boxes is to load and display scented candles. This kind of packaging is usually designed to provide protection, beauty and brand display functions, and attract consumers through different designs, materials and decorations.

    For environmental reasons, our scented candle packaging boxes are usually made of paper, cardboard and other materials. The design can be simple or refined according to the customer's preferences to better display your brand to different user groups.

    In addition to providing protection and display functions, scented candle packaging boxes are more used to convey brand concepts, enhance product impressions and attract consumers to buy.

    We provide customized packaging solutions for many brands to meet our customers' special needs and brand concepts, allowing our customers' brands to stand out in the market. Customized solutions include special printing processes, such as hot stamping, silver hot stamping, embossing, etc.; special materials, such as textured paper, gray boards of different thicknesses, double copper paper, etc.; unique styles and shapes, such as magnet boxes, folding boxes, and sky and earth covers. boxes, drawer boxes, etc.; for all of these, we can give professional suggestions based on customer needs.

    The scented candle market continues to grow, and consumers are increasingly demanding quality and appearance. Therefore, innovative design, high-quality materials and personalized customization have become key factors for brands to stand out in the market competition. We have also cooperated with many global scented candle customers, and our packaging boxes have also received praise from them. We also hope to cooperate with more customers to help you build your own brand.

    In general, scented candle packaging boxes play an important role in product display and brand communication. Brands can attract and retain consumers through carefully designed and personalized packaging, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of their products.

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