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Starting today, let the packaging box become another splendid facet of your jewelry!

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    • A Brand Story

         We made a Co-branded new design packaging box for one of our clients, the designer wants to have a very much stand out Logo, and after several times testing and changing, finally we made the logo rise 4mm high, and the logo stand out very much, with a very good embossing effect, it's super hot-selling now !

    • A Brand Story
    • High-end personalized presentation

         To help your jewelry brand stand out from the competition, we offer a variety of customization options and material choices that can be used to customize the packaging boxes in any style you require for a personalized look and feel. You just need to tell our engineers your packaging design ideas, and we can make a jewelry packaging box that satisfies you.

    • High-end personalized presentation
    • Tailor-made inserts fit your jewelry perfectly

        When your customers open your packaging, it is important that your jewelry is secure and well protected if you want it to display perfectly. With our designs you can do just that! Every insert we make is made to the shape of your product and fits your product perfectly to ensure a flawless presentation.

    • Tailor-made inserts fit your jewelry perfectly
    • Unique style jewelry packaging

         Small, large, round, or square,or any other shape, we have it all. Have the freedom to create your unique jewelry box any way you want. All our packaging is personalized to your requests to ensure you get what you want . We are your ultimate gift box solution provider!

    • Unique style jewelry packaging
  • <p>Contact us/Design typesetting</p>

    Contact us/Design typesetting

    Contact our customer service for a quote and design layout for you.

  • <p>Final quotation/Confirmed order<br></p>

    Final quotation/Confirmed order

    We will give you a final quotation based on the design and confirm your order.

  • <p>Payment/Production</p>


    You pay a deposit and we start buying materials to make the goods.

  • <p>Packing/Transport</p>


    Finally, the goods are packed, you pay the balance, and we ship the goods as agreed.

Not inspired to design?

Just tell us what you want.

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